Sunday, May 02, 2010

YelaWolf One Shot

Sometimes all it takes is one shot. "Hey Yela can I got a shot of you?"


Moving Forward

I haven't really had time to update. Actually damn lazy to. Lately everything has been moving too fast, and when things slow down I crash. Things have been pretty unreal. SXSW. Japan. NY next week. In the meantime I've gone from a photographer to cinematographer. The transition is strange and yet almost seamless. I have to thank Josh from 24kMilkCrate for taking me along and pushing me. I've been meeting people left and right. Artists, rappers, writers, bloggers. Every one of them hustlers. I can't help but be inspired and pushed to go further. Within this past few months I've put out more work than I did in the year 2009. As long as I have people around to push and inspire me this journey of progression won't be halted.

I got hooked up with a new logo. I've updated

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Rundown

I've been crazy busy lately working for 24kmilkcrate. Been shooting a ton of video and taking photos. I've basically gone from being laid out in bed and barely being able to walk to sprinting through a marathon. In between that I've managed to launch I finally have a website so maybe I can start charging people some money?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Mani(LA)ist

I'm back in the Philippines. This is my second trip and I still feel awkward as ever. I was born here 24 years ago. I even went to school here until I was 4.

Here I am back at home. Back to the place I was born, and I'm as quiet as ever. I don't talk much. Not for lack of things to say or talk about. Well actually for lack of things to say. It's the lack of things to say in Tagalog in Ilocano.

Tagalog was the first language I ever learned to read and write, and here I am 19 years later not knowing how to form a sentence. I can understand the words and I can say one or two word phrases. O po, hindi po, isa lang, ako lang, and my favorite pero hindi. Even my understanding of the language is sketch. I have to divert all my attention to the words otherwise I lose it. In a sea of conversations, laughter and noise I drown in incoherence and I struggle until someone throws me a life raft known as English.

Just when I think I have a grasp on the language and get confident enough to speak I stutter and mispronounce myself into regression. My confidence just took a wrong left and decided to stay lost. My uncle says in tagalog "It's good you still speak the language," after I replied "O po." (respectful way to say yes) My confidence swells and I reply "Na ka ka inasjdnkansdnadnkad," and jumble my words. He replies, "Huh?" I say nothing. My attempt to say I understand was completely FUBAR and I give up.

It didn't really help that earlier last week my mom dictated a message for me to text someone. I tried as best as I could to type what she said. I showed her the message and she promptly laughed. What the fuck? I thought.

I need to keep trying, but this frustration is ridiculous. I attempted to buy a phone card today. "Meron ka yo ng Globe na load?" nope that one didn't work either. It went more like "asdasdadad Globe?"

I've got two weeks before I leave this place. Maybe I'll actually have a conversation.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Travellin' Man

I'm gettin' ready to resurrect this blog with some photos and words from my travels. For now just enjoy the song...

Monday, August 31, 2009

Great Beach Shots

Originally uploaded by yosigo!!!
Got this from the Flickr blog. I really like that the photographer kept these shots simple. Coupled with the muted tones these photos are amazing. Great composition. I've never seen beach shots done this fresh.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Going Dark

Took some snapshots outside the house of Aaron and Patrick after a long day of setting up the studio and clearing out the garage. Played with the high ISO setting on the MkII. The amount of noise is ridiculously low for ISO 12800.
I was inspired by my roommate to go dark with these shots. So I went the moody b&w high contrast route. Maybe I'll do more like this.

Patrick Kawahara
Sunset at Night Kawahara
Aaron Shiosaki
Sunset at Night Shiosaki